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2019 IT Chosun AI Grand Prize

BluePrintLAB was selected as the winner of the 2019 IT Chosun AI Grand Prize of Korea

We want to know what Americans want

Are you in the US? Do you wear glasses or sunglasses? Please take a moment to fill out this survey and share it with friends and family in the US.

BluePrintLAB and L’AMY Partner to Create New Shopping Experience for Bespoke McLaren Eyewear with New iPad Pro App

BluePrintLAB uses its expertise in 3D scanning, 3D rendering, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms with the new iPad Pro’s 3D camera to design an app that delivers a quick and easy buying experience for eyewear that fits you.

V2 Virtual Try On

Our V2 Virtual Try On uses 3D face measurements to accurately fit eyewear on the user’s face in real-time with the accurate size ratio.