V2 Virtual Try On

Our V2 Virtual Try On uses 3D face measurements to accurately fit eyewear on the user’s face in real-time with the accurate size ratio.

V2 Virtual Try On

Unlike current virtual try on offerings, V2 Virtual Try On offers the most realistic try on experience. Rather than using hastily 3D scanned models with basic color pallets, our designers create individual renderings for each eyewear model and color selection to create realistic 3D models.

Other than design and color, accurate size is key to a realistic experience. By utilizing Apple’s TrueDepth 3D camera, V2 measures the user’s face and renders the eyewear at the correct size.

AI algorithms also match and recommend eyewear that fits the user’s face shame and measurements. This both improves the shopping experience by saving the shopper’s time and reduces return rates of poor fitting eyewear.

V2 Virtual Try On Process

V2 is not just a virtual try on experience, it enhances the full eyewear buying process. Pupillary distance is measured during the face scan process for prescription lenses. Parts and colors of the frame can be customized. It is also possible to create a fully bespoke 3D printed frame only for the user’s face. The only thing it does not do is give an eye exam.

Watch President Moon trying out an early version of V2.