BluePrintLAB and L’AMY Partner to Create New Shopping Experience for Bespoke McLaren Eyewear with New iPad Pro App

BluePrintLAB uses its expertise in 3D scanning, 3D rendering, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms with the new iPad Pro’s 3D camera to design an app that delivers a quick and easy buying experience for eyewear that fits you.

BluePrintLAB and L’AMY Partner to Create New Shopping Experience for Bespoke McLaren Eyewear with New iPad Pro App

SEOUL, February 23, 2019 - Software developer BluePrintLAB, design studio JAW-Studio, and eyewear manufacturer L’AMY announced today a partnership to develop an app that allows consumers to create a bespoke pair of award-winning McLaren Ultimate Vision eyewear with the new iPad Pro. Customers can visit a McLaren eyewear dealer to easily select, customize, try on, and order eyewear in less than 5 minutes using an iPad, taking the hassle out of the buying process and increasing customer satisfaction. The app is expected to roll out to select opticians in late March 2019.

McLaren Face Scan

The eyewear and app are designed to coincide with the brand image of McLaren, a pioneering supercar company that uses revolutionary technology that puts drivers at the center of the action. Similarly, the app utilizes 3D scanning with less than 2 percent margin of error and AI algorithms to adjust the frame’s shapes and angles to fit the customer. The accuracy is necessary to 3D print the advanced titanium frame tailored to face and style of its owner. Realistic, real-time 3D rendering allows the user to instantly customize and virtually try on their bespoke eyewear.

McLaren Customization Screen

The process is user-friendly and offers instant gratification. First, customers have their face scanned by the iPad’s 3D camera. Within seconds, AI analyzes the data and automatically selects the correct sizes and angles of the various parts of the frame. A 3D model of the frame is then provided to choose lenses, colors, ornaments, and engravings which can be viewed instantly. Once selections are complete, customers can immediately try on the virtually-customized product using the iPad as an augmented reality (AR) mirror, moving the iPad and their head to various angles just as they would with a real mirror. Pictures and videos wearing the realistic 3D rendering of the eyewear can even be taken to share on social media.

McLaren Virtual Try On

True to the McLaren brand, this pioneering experience is centered around high-performance customer enjoyment and takes the hassle out of the eyewear buying process to save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction. Consumers no longer have to try on pre-fit models that need to be adjusted. Instead, they get a fast and fun experience that results in eyewear that fits. Furthermore, retailers no longer have to carry a large inventory of colors and sizes or invest thousands of dollars in large and expensive 3D scanning equipment. What used to take expensive and bulky professional equipment can now be done with a few taps and swipes thanks to BluePrintLAB by combining its 3D rendering, AI algorithms, and AR software with the TrueDepth 3D camera on the iPad Pro.

L’AMY will be demonstrating an early version of the app at the 2019 MIDO Eyewear Show in Milan February 23-25, 2019. Roll out of the app to select opticians will begin in late March of 2019.

BluePrintLAB utilizes 3D technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality to create innovative software. Specializing in realistic 3D model rendering and advanced AI algorithms, BluePrintLAB designs solutions to expand your view of the world. Headquartered in Seoul, BluePrintLAB is an international team from different backgrounds working together to improve user experience.

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