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We are BluePrintLAB Inc. We specialize in 3D rendering, 3D facial scanning, and AI algorithms to develop solutions that fit. We have developed a cloud-based 3D rendering solution that allows custom products to be easily developed online through a web browser and 3D printed. We also developed a real-time virtual try-on iOS app that utilizes 3D face scanning and AI algorithms to accurately match and recommend frames to individuals face shapes. With our experience in the realms of 3D scanning, 3D rendering, AI algorithms, and 3D printing we can deliver a solution that will enhance the custom eyewear experience for your customers.

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Our Capabilities

  • 3D Rendering

    Our designers create detailed 3D renders to create photo realistic models

  • 3D Face Scanning

    We utilize 3D facial scanning to create user experiences that are both useful and fun

  • AI Algorithms

    We find creative new ways to employ AI, such as recommending glasses that best fit your face

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BluePrintLAB and L’AMY Partner to Create New Shopping Experience for Bespoke McLaren Eyewear with New iPad Pro App

BluePrintLAB uses its expertise in 3D scanning, 3D rendering, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms with the new iPad Pro’s 3D camera to design an app that delivers a quick and easy buying experience for eyewear that fits you.

V2 Virtual Try On

Our V2 Virtual Try On uses 3D face measurements to accurately fit eyewear on the user’s face in real-time with the accurate size ratio.

Our Team

We are an international team from diverse backgrounds working together to design better user experiences for the world.

Charlie Jaeseob
Charlie Shin
Former Big Data,
Onse Telecom
MBA, Univ. of
Jaeseob Hwang
Former Intranet
Ministry of
Nat'l Defense
Marketer Developer
Jinston Khanh
Jinston Chung
Marketing, Sales,
Retail Analysis
BA Int’l Studies,
Korea University
Vu Nam Khanh
Comp Sci,
Yonsei Univ
Developer Developer
Jihye Jongmin
Jihye Kim
Jongmin Park
MS Big Data
Developer Designer
Sangmo Arim
Sangmo Ku
Arim Moon
3D Modeling,
Designer Designer
Nahyun Yerang
Nahyun Bae
Yerang Yoon

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